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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Summer Budget Sheet for Veritas Universidad Summer.

Summer Budget Sheet for Veritas Universidad Summer
Summer Budget Sheet for Veritas Universidad Summer
Budget Item Direct Enroll
Affiliate Program Fee *   $2,000.00
OIED Administrative Costs *   $200.00
International Health Insurance *   $50.00
Housing (Billable) *   $1,800.00
Intl Health Dev Fee *   $60.00
Billable subtotal:  $4,110.00
Additional Meals Homestay   $300.00
Airfare 1000   $1,000.00
Personal Expenses   $600.00
Local Transportation   $100.00
Book and Supplies   $162.00
Passport   $150.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $2,312.00
Total: $6,422.00
The Veritas Program Fee above is an estimate based upon past student enrollments.  The actual cost will vary by how many courses and credit hours a student enrolls in and the length of their program.

Estimated Expenses Notes
  • All cost information is tentative and subject to change.
  • Estimated costs are approximate and may vary based on personal spending habits and currency exchange rates.
  • Students may spend less or more than budgeted amounts.
  • Extended Personal travel and spending money is NOT included in this budget. Please see the budget estimate ranges in the Financial Tab of this program brochure page for an estimate of additional travel and spending.
Payment/Billing Instructions - Affiliate Programs
Students pay the current Affiliate program fee when selected for an Affiliate program. The Program Fee always includes the cost of tuition, and often includes additional items such as housing, meals, local transportation, and academic excursions. The program fee total also may include a non-refundable confirmation deposit. For complete details on what is included in your Program Fee, consult the Affiliate partner website or contact your advisor. 

Financing Study Abroad
Financial aid and scholarships are available for study abroad. Please note that program costs vary, depending on the features of the program, geographic location, length, exchange rates, and the level of on-site support. We encourage all students to review the costs of various programs before submitting an application. Please use the Student Financial Planning Worksheet Excel to help estimate your anticipated expenses and your anticipated financial resources.  More information about estimated cost ranges can be found by clicking on the Financial Tab in the program brochure page.

Please visit the Financial section of the Education Abroad website for more information about study abroad costs and withdrawal/cancellation policies.
* Billable item